What is Driveoff’s business model?

Driveoff adds an administration fee to each written request for payment, which is sent to an owner of a vehicle that has been registered by a forecourt as having been involved in a drive off or NMOP incident. When the outstanding bill is paid, Driveoff forwards the amount related to the unpaid fuel to the [...]

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How does Driveoff work?

From a regular web browser, a forecourt manager or employee can login and report an incident by creating a usercase. Once the relevant data is registered (reg. no, amount, date etc.), Driveoff will handle the case, by looking up vehicle owner data, contact the vehicle owner by letter and explain the situation. Most cases will [...]

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What is Driveoff?

Driveoff offers a service to forecourts to help them reduce losses on unpaid fuel bills. If an incident occurs forecourts can use an online platform to create a ‘usercase’. Driveoff then handles all communication with the vehicle owner from initial dialogue to payment handling.

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